Auction Houses Near Me, Estate Sale Professionals
Auction Houses Near Me, Estate Sale Professionals




Every estate sale is unique with a thousand variables, but the process is basically the same. 

Here is how it works:   

First, we evaluate the contents of the estate and determine what course of action is best.  We discuss all the particulars with the client, make a plan,  put it in writing, schedule the sale, set everything in motion and get the job done in a timely, discreet and professional manner. 

If it is a high-value estate with extraordinary items or if there is any form of contention, we bring in certified appraisers and experts to help determine and document cash valuations for the IRS, the attorneys and the heirs.  We provide full documentation to all parties so that the entire estate settlement can be a transparent and relatively simple process.

Second, we provide mediation to facilitate a fair and equitable distribution among the heirs.

Third, we organize, advertise, promote and manage an "on-site" estate sale where-in the entire contents of the estate are sold over the course of a two-day "on-site" Estate Sale.  We collect all the cash, checks and credit card transactions, provide an accounting and disburse the net proceeds less our sales commissions and fees to the designated parties within five business days.

In a nutshell,  we make a complicated and difficult process look easy.  There are "no worries" when you choose Munyon & Sons to settle an estate for you.

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